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Don't Just Save;

Do Invest You Savings.

RRSP-Registered Retirement Saving Plan

Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP) is a tax deferred invest for your retirement. When you plan and invest your RRSP in right funds, you can earn very good rate of return. Schedule an appointment for more information.

  1. Pay less tax for your current year income.

  2. The income you earn is tax seltered and allow it grow faster and help you gain tax advantages when you withdraw after retirement.

  3. Helps you buy your first house without penalty.


TFSA-Tax Free Saving Account

Tax free saving account, where your investment grow tax-free and can be withdrawn tax-free

  1. Investment in TFSA is restricted by government. At present the limit is 6000 CAD per annum.

  2. The investment limit carry forward from 2009. So if you were 18 or older in 2009 and not invested, you can utilize the sum of amount till present year.

  3. Unlike RRSP, you can contribute as long as you can and also you can withdraw when you need.


Segregated Funds

Like mutual funds, Segregated funds are market-based investments.However Seg funds are insurance based contracts, it provides certain benefits over mutual funds.

  1. Segregated fund contracts guarantee 75% to 100% of your premiums (less withdrawals) when the contract matures, or on your death.

  2. Money invested in segregated funds contracts may also be protected against seizure by creditors. This can be a big advantage for business owners and professionals wanting to protect against an unexpected lawsuit or bankruptcy


RESP-Registered Education Saving Plan

Registered Education Saving Plan is the investment for your child's education.

  1. RESP is a tax sheltered investment for your child's secondary or university education.

  2. Grow your investment with Canada Education Saving Grant, Canada Learning Bond and other government grants and bonds.

  3. Government contribute unto 20% to a certain maximum limit. For more information, please schedule a free information session.


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