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Help Yourself,

Protect Your Family.

Life Insurance - Whole Life

Whole life is a permanent life insurance. It provides protection for life and builds wealth over the time.


For many it may seems like an expense, which is not the fact. It provides foundation to your Financial Home by providing protection to your family when you will not be with them.

There is an investment component within it which builds a savings for your retirement.

have you ever ask a question to yourself, how your family can get all that they deserve when you are not with them?

Facts to note: 

  1. Protection for your family.

  2. Builds a wealth over time, an asset while you are alive.

  3. Dividend, which does not depend on market

  4. Tax free death benefit for your family.

  5. Fixed cost of insurance

Whole Life.png

Life Insurance - Universal Life

Universal life is a permanent life insurance. It provides protection to your near and dear ones while provides you the option to grow your savings with a rate of return more than 8 to 12% or higher.


UL (Universal Life) has an investment component within it. It allows you to choose funds for your savings.

  1. Protection for life.

  2. Builds wealth over the time with an option to choose best fund you want to invest in.

  3. Savings grows with the rate of return depending on the funds you choose.

  4. Tax free death benefit.

Universal Life.png

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is cheaper and provide protection for a term period such as 10, 15 or 20 years etc.

  1. Cost of insurance is a lot cheaper than Whole life or Universal life.

  2. It is a better option when you are looking for temporary protection ( such as to cover a mortgage, loan or a protection till your children are finished school)

  3. Cash value grows with the rate of return depending on the funds you choose.

  4. There are option to convert a Term life insurance to a Permanent life insurance.

Term Life.png

Critical Illness Insurance

As the name suggests, Critical Illness (CI) provides financial support during challenging time.

  1. It provides a lump-sum benefit which helps you to maintain financial stability and access cutting-edge medical service.

  2. Cheaper cost of Insurance.

Critical Illness.png

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides protection against your earning. What if you are not able to goto work due to some unfortunate incident?

  1. Disability insurance (DI) can be short term or long term replacement of your earnings.

  2. It is replace portion of your monthly pay cheque.

  3. Disability is more common than you think. Upto 40% Canadian are disabled for 90 days or longer before age 65


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