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Life Insurance

Investment Planning

We all give our 100% to earn for our family to provide them all the facilities and comfort they deserve.

In Canada, we very often see senior citizen working in stores or other places. Have you ever wondered why we see many old people working in stores ?

But what if they loose us due to any unfortunate incident? Can they have all that they deserve when we are not with them?

A permanent insurance such as a Whole Life or Universal Life is the right approach. It just do not protect your family but grow wealth within it.

It will help your family to buy all that they deserve when you are not with them and can be your wealth account for your retirement as well.

As per 2015 census, one in five Canadians age 65 or older reported working during year. Seniors with a bachelor’s degree or higher and those without private retirement income were more likely to work than others.

Ref - 

A proper retirement plan can help you retire on time or early with worrying.

Estate Planning

We work hard to build our wealth. But do we plan for the future?

Have you planned how to pass on your wealth to your legacy in a tax-efficient way? How can you maximize your wealth to bypass probate?

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About Fin-advisor

We help people understand their investments to secure and guidance for the right direction for investment.

My stint with the hi-tech corporate world for more than a decade and a half. Finally, I realised earning a good salary is essential, which statically 95% of the world’s population try to achieve. But very few try to learn how to manage money and invest money in the right place so that the money will make money. I am an independent financial Advisor and Life insurance consultant.


I help individuals and businesses plan their financial home, i.e., planning protection, retirement, and estate planning.

I am a

Finance Advisor

Let me help you!

Why me

Why people

choose advisor!


Finance Advisors are certified person who has extensive knowledge on Financial strategies and wide range of products.


Few basics to know

1. Effect of compound interest

2. Financial home

3. Investment Retirement Plan

Finance Advisor is a trained and licensed person who has extensive knowledge of Finance planning and guides what is best for you from on current financial point of view to make it secure.

True Results.png
True Results

A Financial Advisor reviews your investment and savings periodically and take necessary action to grow your wealth.


Few points to know

1. Investment must beat inflation

2. Diversification of investment

3. Investment with protection

Professional Approach.png
Professional Approach

A Finance Advisor adhere to compliance and provides unbiased advise.

Few points to note

1. Puts your interests first

2. Take a holistic view of your


3. Take a proactive approach

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